hungry hungry consultants

Role | Ideation, Creative and User Experience Design

Hungry Hungry Consultants is an app created to help professionals track and monitor weekly expenses. Struggling to efficiently track expenses, Kyler set out to build an app that could serve as a one-stop shop. Gone are the days of flipping between a notes and calculator app.

Development by Derek Cutting.

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Endeavoring into a career in business often involves significant travel. When traveling, companies generally provide their people with budgets to cover traveling expenses. As an intern at Deloitte Consulting Kyler traveled 4 days a week and obsessively kept track of his expenses to ensure he stayed in budget. Since there was no centralized mobile expenses tracking system, he struggled to efficiently stay within budget. Tracking expenses often involved a notes app to log individual expenses and a calculator app to tabulate total spending, an overly cumbersome process for such a simple task.


Kyler designed a "one-stop-shop" mobile app that allows users to add daily expenses and track daily and weekly aggregate totals. 

Two fundamental user experience principals drove the entire design process:

  1. Simplicity and clarity 
  2. Color as a visual cue 

This ultimately lead to the creation of a high-level dashboard that features two green dots with the daily and weekly aggregate totals followed by a simplified calculator. 


Through a simple clean design, this app streamlined the expense tracking process. The dashboard enables users to quickly and easily access the most important information when needed. This mobile app takes some of the stress out of an inherently stressful concept, money!